Juneathon 2014

Just a quick post.  I will be attempting my own version of Juneathon this year but with a 6 week old baby and having had a caesarian, running is out of the question.

I also have no time for daily blog posts so I’ll just be tweeting @Corinathecook

Good luck everyone!

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Juneathon 2012 Day 3

Adding an extra trip to the supermarket counts, doesn’t it?  Even if it’s only a five-minute walk away.  Well, I decided it would, especially as I didn’t have to go today. I decided sleep was more important than exercise and spent most of the afternoon snoozing.

Exercise Summary

Walk to and from supermarket – 10 mins



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Juneathon 2012 Day 2

I was tired today.   Maybe it was that one glass of wine I had last night.  Never mind,  I still managed a walk.  For an hour.  Now that sounds better than yesterday but was in fact exactly the same route.

Exercise Summary

Walking – 60 mins

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Juneathon 2012 Day 1

Well my first day was a 50 minute power walk with the pram. I’m glad it’s not as warm as it has been but even so I was hot and sticky by the end.  I kept trying to hold my stomach in as I walked hoping that that would add some extra exercise for my stomach muscles.   Unfortunately if I am busy I don’t think holding my stomach muscles in is going to count as valid Juneathon exercise.   When I got home I made a big beef salad with leftover roast beef and had it with pita bread so I feel June is off to a healthy start.   So far anyway.  Tonight my mother-in-law is going to babysit for the first time and are going to try and have a meal out.  We are only going to a restaurant opposite our flat and may only have one course, but at least it’s a start.   I may even have a glass of wine!


Walking 50 mins

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Preparing for Juneathon

The last time I wrote this blog, in July last year, I had just entered a half-marathon and was keen to begin my training.   A few days later, I discovered I was pregnant, and a few days after that, the morning or rather all day sickness began.   Needless to say, I never did the half-marathon and had to give up running completely.  Not that I minded at the time.  I’d been trying to get pregnant for a long time and had given up expecting it to happen naturally so it was a very happy surprise.   Now, with a five-week-old daughter and an extra stone of weight to lose, it’s time for me to begin thinking about exercising again.  I won’t be able to run yet but I’m hoping to use the challenge of Juneathon to motivate me to add extra walking into my day and possibly more exercise too, especially towards the end of the month.  I’m not going to be able to take it too seriously.   Some days I know I will be far too busy to blog and I will also struggle to find time to read lots of other blogs too but I will do my best and hopefully come the end of June I will be a little fitter and a little lighter too.

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I’ve entered a half-marathon!

After thinking about it all of last year and this year so far, I have finally entered a half-marathon for November.   Now, before you congratulate me,   I would probably never have got around to doing it except one of my friends is doing it and it’s given me just the push I needed to enter.   It’s the Grand Union Canal half-marathon and finishes in Watford which is great as we have some friends there, so can catch up with them at lunch afterwards too.   It’s 15 weeks tomorrow so there’s lots of time for training.  I’ve had a quick look at some plans online and most seem to be 12 weeks long so I can start properly in three weeks.    In the meantime, as my weekend long run is quite a lot longer than my weekday short runs so I plan to try to build up slightly longer distances in the week.   If anyone knows of any good training plans, please let me know,  although I doubt I’ll be able to stick to a plan.

Anyway, this morning I did the Wimbledon parkrun for the second time,  my third ever parkrun, and also my slowest, well, 3 seconds slower than last time so  I shall definitely have to work on my speed.   I can tell myself it was hot and that’s my excuse but hopefully a bit of more focused training will help.    I still haven’t got a PB this year and although that’s not what running is all about, I would love to get at least one before the end of the year.

Exercise Summary

5k Parkrun, 27:41

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Jim Braben Memorial 10k

We were so lucky with the race this morning.   It rained most of the day yesterday but today the conditions were perfect – cool, dull, but dry weather.   And within half an hour of getting home afterwards it began to pour with rain again.    When we arrived at the race start we thought it was going to be quite badly organised.  There was a long queue to collect race numbers and then a long queue for the toilets.    Luckily we managed to do everything in time and once it started the marshalling was excellent.   Very friendly and encouraging.    During the first 1.5k I was constantly being overtaken but then it settled down with the same people behind and ahead of me (mainly ahead).    After about 6k I then began to gradually overtake one or two people, which was good and reassured me I hadn’t gone off too fast.   There seemed to be a lot of speedy people, nearly all club runner, and at one point near the end I couldn’t even see the next person in front of me.   Even though I overtook a few people in the second half of the race I think I finished fairly near the end so it’ll be interesting to see when the official results come out.    According to my watch I finished in 55:44 which is about 2 minutes off my PB.   I wasn’t expecting to beat it today so I’m quite happy with it overall.    I’m now taking this afternoon easy and relaxing, making cheesecake and curry because tonight we’ve got some friends coming around to watch the Apprentice.    The cheesecake has just been baked and is still hot but it’s going to be so difficult for me not to begin eating it before they arrive.

Exercise Summary

Race, 10k, 55:44

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