Jim Braben Memorial 10k

We were so lucky with the race this morning.   It rained most of the day yesterday but today the conditions were perfect – cool, dull, but dry weather.   And within half an hour of getting home afterwards it began to pour with rain again.    When we arrived at the race start we thought it was going to be quite badly organised.  There was a long queue to collect race numbers and then a long queue for the toilets.    Luckily we managed to do everything in time and once it started the marshalling was excellent.   Very friendly and encouraging.    During the first 1.5k I was constantly being overtaken but then it settled down with the same people behind and ahead of me (mainly ahead).    After about 6k I then began to gradually overtake one or two people, which was good and reassured me I hadn’t gone off too fast.   There seemed to be a lot of speedy people, nearly all club runner, and at one point near the end I couldn’t even see the next person in front of me.   Even though I overtook a few people in the second half of the race I think I finished fairly near the end so it’ll be interesting to see when the official results come out.    According to my watch I finished in 55:44 which is about 2 minutes off my PB.   I wasn’t expecting to beat it today so I’m quite happy with it overall.    I’m now taking this afternoon easy and relaxing, making cheesecake and curry because tonight we’ve got some friends coming around to watch the Apprentice.    The cheesecake has just been baked and is still hot but it’s going to be so difficult for me not to begin eating it before they arrive.

Exercise Summary

Race, 10k, 55:44


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2 Responses to Jim Braben Memorial 10k

  1. Well done on your PB! Sounds like you ran a good race and were V lucky with the weather.
    I’ve learned from others to start races at the middle to back and then use overtaking people in the second half as a way to maintain pace.

  2. Sorry just realised I miss read your 2 mins off your PB!
    Great race and well done all the same!

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