I’ve entered a half-marathon!

After thinking about it all of last year and this year so far, I have finally entered a half-marathon for November.   Now, before you congratulate me,   I would probably never have got around to doing it except one of my friends is doing it and it’s given me just the push I needed to enter.   It’s the Grand Union Canal half-marathon and finishes in Watford which is great as we have some friends there, so can catch up with them at lunch afterwards too.   It’s 15 weeks tomorrow so there’s lots of time for training.  I’ve had a quick look at some plans online and most seem to be 12 weeks long so I can start properly in three weeks.    In the meantime, as my weekend long run is quite a lot longer than my weekday short runs so I plan to try to build up slightly longer distances in the week.   If anyone knows of any good training plans, please let me know,  although I doubt I’ll be able to stick to a plan.

Anyway, this morning I did the Wimbledon parkrun for the second time,  my third ever parkrun, and also my slowest, well, 3 seconds slower than last time so  I shall definitely have to work on my speed.   I can tell myself it was hot and that’s my excuse but hopefully a bit of more focused training will help.    I still haven’t got a PB this year and although that’s not what running is all about, I would love to get at least one before the end of the year.

Exercise Summary

5k Parkrun, 27:41


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One Response to I’ve entered a half-marathon!

  1. fortnightflo says:

    Woohoo!! Go you That’s a fab parkrun time. I reckon you could do the half in well under 2 hours with all that training time ahead of you. Good Luck – I look forward to reading about your progres!

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