Preparing for Juneathon

The last time I wrote this blog, in July last year, I had just entered a half-marathon and was keen to begin my training.   A few days later, I discovered I was pregnant, and a few days after that, the morning or rather all day sickness began.   Needless to say, I never did the half-marathon and had to give up running completely.  Not that I minded at the time.  I’d been trying to get pregnant for a long time and had given up expecting it to happen naturally so it was a very happy surprise.   Now, with a five-week-old daughter and an extra stone of weight to lose, it’s time for me to begin thinking about exercising again.  I won’t be able to run yet but I’m hoping to use the challenge of Juneathon to motivate me to add extra walking into my day and possibly more exercise too, especially towards the end of the month.  I’m not going to be able to take it too seriously.   Some days I know I will be far too busy to blog and I will also struggle to find time to read lots of other blogs too but I will do my best and hopefully come the end of June I will be a little fitter and a little lighter too.


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5 Responses to Preparing for Juneathon

  1. abradypus says:


  2. nicky192 says:

    Wow congratulations. Good luck with Juneathon

  3. Martyn says:

    WOW! Congrats on the new addition!

    Good luck with Juneathon – your still in my blog reader from the last time in 2011!

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