I’m still here

I know you were thinking I’d disappeared or given up and that you wouldn’t hear anything from me until Janathon 2012, but really, I’m still here and I’m going to try and continue with the blogging, even if it is in a somewhat sporadic manner.   Today is actually a rest day, although I have fitted in a little extra walking, about 1.6 miles extra in fact, and that is probably why I’m finding time to update this.   So, since I last blogged, I’ve done a few runs around the park, although none very fast.   Perhaps I was a little hasty last time in saying I wanted to bring my time down to under 25 minutes.    At the moment I can’t see that happening.   But, hopefully I will do a half-decent time in the Jim Braben Memorial 10K on Wimbledon Common on Sunday.   I’m not expecting to break any records – I haven’t done quite enough preparation for that – but if I do a few minutes under an hour I’ll be happy.   I’ve even got my husband to do it with me, or rather, in front of me.   Well, at least it means I can rely on someone to cheer me over the finish line!

Exercise Summary

6 – 13 July, 2.9 miles x 4 = 11.6 miles


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A New Mini Challenge

This  morning I got up and ran around the park fairly quickly.   In fact, looking through my times this year, it looks like I’ve only done that route faster about 3 times this year – the last time before today was in March.   Today I did 25:59 so I’m going to try and do it in under 25 minutes by the end of July(or possibly August).

Exercise Summary

Run, 2.9 miles, 25:59

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If I were a boxer…

…I’d be a Super lightweight!    With all the hype surrounding the Haye fight, my husband and I decided to get out our bathroom scales and find out what we would be if we were boxers.   Super Lightweight sounds good but it’s not good.  That’s heavier than I’ve ever been before I told him,  what do you think I should I do to lose weight?  You don’t need to lose weight, he said.   But I’m getting fat.   No, you’re not, everyone puts on weight when they’re getting older.   What?   Not only am I fat, I’m also old!     What could he do to dig himself out of this hole?   At least we’re both super he told me, pointing out his Super Middleweight status.  Hmmm

So, this morning, I got up determined not to miss the running club.   It was really hot but I ran all the way there.   As usual, I joined the three mile group but whereas two weeks ago I was struggling at the back, this week I was one of the fastest.   As the route was a  little short of three miles, we finished with three laps of the pond to make the right distance.   Most people just waited for the stretches but I was in hardcore mode and finished the whole route.    I then ran home all the way instead of walking part of it like last time.   Go me!   I thought, next time I might just try the five mile route.

Exercise Summary

Run, 8 miles

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Did I forget Juneathon’s finished?

I’m not sure what has happened to me today.    All day I really felt like going for a run and so, as I was  home early,  I pulled on my running things and raced out of the door again as soon as I got in.    Well, maybe not raced, it wasn’t a particularly fast run, but I did my 4 laps of the park and enjoyed them.   Not a struggle at all – maybe my body’s got confused and thought June was an ordinary month and that all the athoning would start in July.

Exercise Summary

Run, 2.9 miles, 30:10

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Juneathon Day 30

I’ve finished.  Juneathon is officially over for me, and has been for quite a few hours.   I managed to fit in an early morning run before work and reminded myself once again that I really prefer running in the mornings.   The only problem is managing to get myself out of bed and out of the flat in time.   Once I’m out the weather is so much better as in not so hot and humid, the park is quiet and peaceful, I really do end up wishing I could make myself do it all the time.

Anyway, with Juneathon over, what are my plans?   To keep on running regularly and do a few short 5/10k races over the rest of the summer and to keep doing the extra walking every so often that I’ve been adding in earlier this month.   Not very big plans but that will do for now.

Exercise Summary

Run, 2.9 miles, 28:16

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Juneathon Day 29

Today my ankle was aching at the front.   I’m not quite sure why but I decided it’s probably best to rest it.   Instead, I’ve done 10 situps.    No, not 10 sets of situps.    Just 10 situps.    I could have done a  few more but I decided to stop and write this blog.    I just find it so hard to motivate myself with any of those type of exercises.  Maybe I’ll do a few more later while watching The Apprentice.

Exercise Summary

Situps, 10

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Juneathon Day 28

Oops!  A few days seem to have gone missing somewhere.   Not that I don’t remember them perfectly well.   They were actually pretty good days, but as far as Juneathon goes I’ve let it slip a little.    On Saturday I was out all day at a cooking course and then went to see Reginald D Hunter in the evening so there was very little time left for exercise.    Although, if I’d been organised I could have gone out for a run early in the morning.  I didn’t even manage any tube dancing later – I was just too tired.    On Sunday I wasn’t lazy.    I actually went for a walk of nearly 11 miles from Eastbourne to Birling Gap and back again.   There were lots of ups and downs and in the heat it was actually pretty tiring.    I just couldn’t be bothered to blog about it when I got home.  And yesterday I was lazy again and didn’t do any additional exercise.  To make up for it, I’ve just been for a run now, but my legs still feel tired at the back from Sunday and so I had a few walking breaks.   Anyway, I may have failed at Juneathon, but I still feel a lot fitter than at the start of the month.    Only two more days to go and then I can justifiably have a few days off!

Exercise Summary

Run, 2.9 miles, approx 32 mins

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